OC Tanner Amphitheater by The Independent

Live Music In Zion Canyon

Live music used to feature prominently in my past life when I lived in Austin, Texas. I loved going to live music shows, as well as events such as “South By Southwest,” “Blues on the Green” every Thursday night, as well as the legendary three-day music fest “Austin City Limits.” Heck, Austin’s moniker is the “Music Capitol of the World,” so of course I was spoiled rotten!

Luckily enough, Vegas is close enough for me to hit-up a live music event, and because it’s Vegas, almost all the bands/shows/events come through town. So… yay! Go me! Still, at 2+ hours away, it’s hardly a weekly, or even monthly, occurrence for me.

HOWEVER… once a year the Town of Springdale hosts its annual outdoor festival: The Zion Canyon Music Festival, and one I have not missed since moving here in 2010! Now, traditionally, it’s been held at the community’s baseball field, with an absolutely spectacular view of Zion National Park. Seriously, there isn’t a better or more beautiful location in the world to host a music festival, or a more beautiful location.

Or so I thought!

This year The Zion Canyon Music Festival’s venue has changed to the OC Tanner Amphitheater… where the views will be even MORE spectacular! The cliffs of Zion National Park surround this open-air venue, creating one of the best backdrops in the world… as well as enhancing the musical experience thanks to the curves of The West Temple! If I thought this two-day festival was amazing before… now it’s going to be freakin’ AWESOME!

This year’s musicians will feature the funk-rock band Groovement, one-man reggae hip hop sensation El Dub, Southern Utah staples The Reals, country-rock bad boy Raven Cain, local legend DJ Lex, several local singer-song writers, and many more.

On top of the amazing music, outstanding scenery, and mouth-watering local food & drink, what makes the Zion Canyon Music Festival even more special is that it actively promotes sustainability and alternative energy. They not only have educational booths and vendors encouraging a green-aware-lifestyle, but also the food vendors only serve meals on biodegradable paper-ware, and there will be zero throw-away plastic water bottles sold because there will be water filling stations available all over the event. Organizers are wholeheartedly encouraging attendees to bring their own refillable water bottles. Finally, the festival will be providing electricity for the festival via solar power!

So yeah…. I’ll be closing up the gallery early on BOTH Friday and Saturday nights in order to attend. Sure, I may miss a few of the earlier performances, but I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

Y’all want tickets, go HERE to purchase!


Pictured above: OC Tanner Amphitheater by The Independent