"Filly" (Carving on Slate 12" X 12") by Felix Saez

Frescoes and Carvings on Local Stone

We rarely seek new artists in the middle of the season, especially so close to autumn, which brings art aficionados, art patrons and artists from all over the world flock to Zion in the fall. However, once Felix’s work crossed our path, we absolutely could not say no!

His work here at DeZion Gallery features predominantly horses; however, he has a vast repertoire of a variety of animals. Each of his pieces are 100% unique; no two are ever alike! All of his frescoes and carvings are extraordinarily life-like…. and if one is very observant, one can see spirit animals in almost all of his carvings.

We’re so excited to welcome Felix Saez into the DeZion Gallery family!
~tina 🙂

Pictured above: “Filly” (Carving on Slate 12″ X 12″) by Felix Saez