Dennis Tomlinson: Washington, UT

Dennis Tomlinson Art

Dennis Tomlinson Fractal Lichtenberg is a craft using high-voltage electricity to burn a fractal patterns (aka Lichtenberg) into the artist’s chosen canvas (wood, glass, resin, etc). Dennis utilizes up to 15,000 volts in order to ...

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Ray T Anderson: Bountiful, Utah

Ray T Anderson

Ray T Anderson Ray’s love of Native American traditions allowed him to turn a life-long hobby into his retirement dream: replicating traditional Native techniques of weaponry and tool making. Utilizing his knowledge of Native ...

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Morgan Clements: St George, Utah

"Beautifully Collected" by Morgan Clements

Morgan Clements Morgan Clements has always had a love for art, and started drawing and sculpting small figures when he was in grade school. He believes that learning how to work in many mediums enables him to see more clearly the ...

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