Felix Saez: Park City, Utah

The Wild Bunch Carving on Sandstone (18 H X 31 W) by Felix Saez

Felix Saez There are those individuals who are born into this world with an ability to bring forth a beauty from a higher level of consciousness, transforming it into a physical state of existence: Felix is one such individual. ...

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Argoshots by Jason Butler: Springdale, UT

Fire Fall

Argoshots Collection of Fine Art Photography by Jason Butler For Jason, the essence of photography is the ability to capture light and then transfer that same light onto a permanent medium. The challenge is making sure what he sees ...

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Kimberly Harris: Phoenix, AZ

"Along the Virgin River" by Kimberly Harris

Kimberly Harris Kim utilizes bright and vivid colors when painting with watercolors, in order to capture the sensuous quality of the land formations. While her sculptures and ceramics have become the essence of each place she’s ...

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Jerry Anderson: Silver Reef, Utah

Jerry Anderson Jerry Anderson is a noted bronze sculptor who resides in Silver Reef, Utah where he has maintained his studio and gallery for over 25 years. Jerry has become widely recognized as a master of bronze sculpture; his work ...

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Dean Wilson: Cedar City, UT

Dean Willson Jewelry

Dean Wilson Dean has spent his whole life designing, handcrafting, and creating, and with an ever-present love of the Great American Southwest. For years he honed his trade for the modern-day cowboy producing horseshoes, ...

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Paul Hopman: Tucson, Arizona

"The Touch" Kentucky Mountain Horse by Paul Hopman

Paul Hopman Paul Hopman is an artist and illustrator, who’s taken then last 42 years to perfect the 19th Century art form of scratchboard. Scratchboard is an illustrative technique using a series of needles for etching into a thin ...

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Rosemary McFadden: St George, Utah

"Simply Solitary" by Rosemary McFadden

Rosemary McFadden Rosemary enhances Mother Nature’s beauty, by crafting each gourd into captivating florals, giant fruits and vegetables, as well as beetles, butterflies dragonflies and baskets. She allows the natural beauty and ...

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Lynn & Celine Dalton: Cedar City, Utah

Kingman Turquoise

Lynn & Celine Dalton Finding rocks in nature is both an adventure as well as therapy. Living in the high desert both Lynn and Celine are surrounded by wonderful agates and jaspers. Much of this material has colors that reflect ...

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Dawn Reinfeld: Boulder, Colorado

Joyful Trees II (oil on canvas) by Dawn Reinfeld

Dawn Reinfeld Dawn’s current work focuses on expression as a source of freedom and joy. When she paints, she focuses her attention inward, allowing all things that clutter her mind to fall away. Layer upon layer, as the paint ...

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