DeZion Gallery Easter Weekend 2016

What lead you to owning a gallery?

Funnily enough, like most of my jack-of-all-trades careers I’ve had over the years, it’s been purely lucky happenstance more often than not.

After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in History, I never intended to go into technical support… and yet that’s where I found myself for 14-or-so years. I even continued with this career path while I finished my Masters in Public History!

By 2006, and with my career in the tech field slowly coming to an end, I knew that owning my own business was definitely MUST! And I succeeded! I created a raw chocolate and desert business, lovingly named Nourishing Delights. While I had an amazing group of friends and family who wholeheartedly supported my endeavors, I sadly never had the opportunity to truly grow my business and by middle 2009, I shuttered Nourishing Delights (permanently? one never knows…!)

Even though I have creative-artist-types absolutely littered throughout my family, actually owning a gallery had never once crossed my mind… that is until I met Jason. While living in Springdale, together he and I started touring the southwest’s Fine Art Show circuit to promote ArgoShots Collection of Fine Art Photography by Jason.

Now as luck would have it, I was already friends with DeZion Gallery’s original owner, Tim. So when he learned of our goals, which coincided perfectly with his intention of selling the gallery, the pieces just all fell into place. By June of 2012. we re-opened DeZion Gallery, and we’ve been going gang-busters ever since, focusing not only upon Jason’s photography, but also to present the works of local artists who are inspired by the southwest region and Zion in particular.

~tina 🙂

Pictured above: DeZion Gallery Tent Sale – Easter 2016 by ArgoShots by Jason