Bee & Sunflower by ArgoShots

How do you choose what goes in? How often do you rotate pieces? What would you absolutely NOT show in your gallery.


How do you choose what goes in?

When we first purchased DeZion Gallery, we knew that Jason’s photography would be our main displayed artwork, since it was his work we in which we wanted to mainly showcase. So, one of the criteria in which we select artists is complimenting Jason’s work.

We were also to narrow our focus to predominantly local artists when we decided upon our Artistic Business Model: the Great American Southwest, in general, and the Colorado Plateau/Zion Canyon, specifically. Not only did it seem logical, given our current location a mile from the entrance to Zion National Park, but since Springdale and Zion is a bastion for tourists from around the globe, we believed this was an excellent opportunity to showcase local artwork.

From there, we winnow down the possible artists by voting on each one, and the consensus usually rules. This selection process make it as fair as possible, and allows even the most unique creations to be viewed with much promise.

How often do you rotate pieces?

While we do have a select few artists who have been with us year to year (generally because their work is absolutely exceptional, and they’re absolute masters of their craft, in our opinion), we’re constantly reviewing new artists throughout the year. However, we generally wait until December-February to actually make our selections. This grants the artist the opportunity to create/complete new pieces, as well as allows them some time to ramp up production in order to meet our inventory deadlines.

What would you absolutely NOT show in your gallery.

I don’t think we have determined any definitive “not’s” as of yet. As long as there’s a general consensus of our committee, I cannot, in all honesty, think of a scenario in which we would not curate an artist.

~tina 🙂

Pictured above: “Bee and Sunflower” by ArgoShots by Jason