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Our new website is under construction and should be ready by March-April 2016.

DeZion Gallery’s primary focus is to present the works of local artists who are inspired by the southwest region and Zion in particular.  We represent both emerging artists who have not yet acquired mainstream attention, as well as established artists of national and international renown. Our desire is to give southwestern Utah artists a venue to display their unique creations through their individual craft.
Art can be ellusive for many, and we seek to make art accessible to all facets of society, from the general public to the serious collectors and patrons.  We want to encourage dialog between artists and art collectors, in order to improve everyone’s insight into the creative process.  We strive to create a place where people from all walks of life can experience and discover the majesty of Zion, Utah, and the Great American Southwest.

DeZion Gallery Art

We’re located at the corner of Zion Park Blvd. & Big Spring Rd. in Springdale, Utah.
DeZion Gallery Location
1051 Zion Park Blvd. Springdale, UT  84767    435-772-6888

Hours of Operation:  
Seasonal Hours (March - December)
Monday 10 to dark
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10 to dark
Thursday 10 to dark
Friday 10 to dark
Saturday 10 to dark
Sunday 10 to dark
Off-Season Hours (January - Mid-March)
Monday – Thursday CLOSED
Friday 10 to dark
Saturday 10 to dark
Sunday 10 to dark

DeZion Gallery

Open Call For New 2016 Artists